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About Your Brand Hair Products

Your Brand Hair Products provides progressive barbers and salons the opportunity to offer clients their own exclusive range of high quality, eco-friendly and innovative hair, beard, shaving, footcare, and skincare products for men and women.

Our prices are significantly below major brand products, which offer very healthy profit margins for your business in the exploding men's and women's grooming retail market. Order your samples now.

How it works


We take your brand.


Our designers do their magic.


You get your very own quality hair products…


…and decide how much profit you want to make.


“Real happy with the products YBHP have produced for us, and they are now our best sellers.”

– Funky Man, Stockholm, Sweden

“I love the products! I’m building my brand name, what more do you need? Great job!”

– Boon, Nottingham, UK

“Customers are so impressed with my products. They love them as much as my haircuts!”

– Downtown Barbershop, Oklahoma, USA

Our male grooming range is developed with the help of professional barbers, for use on all hair types to compete with the best brands on the market.

4 Steps To Getting Started


See for yourself how good our products are by ordering a sample pack


Once you have decided on the products you want, our designers will work with you to create a one of-a-kind product label.


Approve your label design and place a starting order that best suits you.


Once you have decided on the products you want, our designers will work with you to create a one of-a-kind product label.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an artwork charge for designing my label?

We have a one time artwork charge on your first order of $50.00 which allows our design team to create proofs for your approval. Please download the design templates here to make changes. After you or your designer complete the art templates per bottle/container type then please email them back with any fonts that were used to sales ( @ ) Any change on artwork for future orders will also incur a $50.00 USD art setup charge as well.

if you do not have a designer then we can do the entire artwork design and setup of the product templates for $250.00. If you choose this option, please email your logo with instructions to sales ( @ ) . 


 Is there a minimum order?

We have a first order minimum of $999 USD and only $500 USD for all future orders. 


Is there a delivery charge?

Shipping starts at $49.95 per order. We ship from both the United Stated and the United Kingdom. 


How long will it take to receive my order?

Samples leave the warehouse in 7-10 working days plus shipping time. For first time orders normally will take between 15-20 working days after payment and artwork is completed. Future repeat orders average 10 working days depending on seasonal rush. 


Are there any discounts for ordering larger quantities?

Here at Your Brand Hair Products we do not discount our prices, but we do offer bonus stock for our bigger customers. Contact us for more information.


How do I request samples?

Samples can be ordered online via this website or if you would like further information on any of our products you can call our office on +1(213) 267-6766.


Can I use my own designer to create my labels?

Of course. Just send us the artwork ready design set up to our specification. Here are the artwork guidelines.

Artwork Setup Guidelines 

Before submitting artwork, please make sure you have read these guidelines carefully as we cannot accept responsibility for an incorrect printing due to setup or artwork errors. We recommend using vector based Graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator CS6/CC. Vector software will ensure that your finished product is higher quality than is achievable with raster based artwork such as Adobe Photoshop. It also enables better exibility when colour matching to previously printed labels from other suppliers as the colours in the design are easily altered and edited. Files should be exported as an editable vector PDF format with all images and fonts embedded, not just a jpeg saved as a PDF file, a jpeg is not acceptable for most designs. If the fonts are unable to be embedded the best option is to convert the text to outline paths instead, files with missing fonts will cause problems and delays with your orders. Any raster/photographic images within your design should be at least 300dpi otherwise they may appear pixelated once printed, most graphics pulled from a website are not good enough quality for print purposes. 

Cutter Guides 

We may require a “Cutter Guide” to show us exactly where to cut your labels correctly. These lines are
later removed in the studio before going onto the press, however, it is important that these are set correctly
to avoid them being printed. When you supply a cutter guide within your artwork, please make sure the cutter guide is a stroked line set to a spot colour which MUST be named “7” at the actual size and shape that you require us to cut. This allows our prepress software and our presses to see the cutter guide and stops them being printed. 

File Formats 

We only accept files in PDF, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In-Design, EPS, or TIFF file Formats.
(Tiff files must be flattened). We do not accept Adobe Photoshop Psd files, Jpegs or PNG compressed files. 

Safe Area 

In a similar way as bleed will help us to produce your design into a finished label there are other considerations such as slight movements on the finishing lines. An important issue is the positioning of text and other design elements. There should always be a “safe area” of at least 1.5mm inside the edge of the cutter guide where no text or important elements are located. This will stop text from becoming chopped off by the cutter with the same slight movement during finishing. 

Text & Type 

All Text on files must be created to outlines and/or fonts used should be supplied if there are items that need resizing or templates changed.

Colour settings 

All Files must be set to CMYK format. Please make sure all spot colours or pantones in your artwork are converted to CMYK, otherwise it is possible for unexpected results to occur. As our service is a CMYK 4 colour process we cannot guarantee to match Pantone / Ral or Spot colours. 

Finishing and Materials 

Certain substrates may darken or lighten the colours of your artwork once printed, if printing onto a black paper/vinyl it will have an impact on the design colours. Different finishes will also affect the colour. If you are unsure how these would impact your design, we would recommend a printed press proof mocked up to see the different materials and finishes available for a small cost. 


Is it possible to source my own packaging?

Yes. If you have found packaging you would like to use thats different from what we offer, we can arrange to have them labeled and filled.


Does each product have a recommended retail price?

We can provide a rough guide of what your products could retail for, but as it is your brand, you can retail them at a price that you think is competitive.


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